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Lease to Own

Introducing our new option for purchasing a vehicle, we will now be offering select vehicles as Lease to Own deals! What exactly is Lease to Own? What does it mean for me as a consumer? Here, we'll answer all those questions and more, and you can decide if a Lease to Own agreement is right for you!

What is Lease to Own?  A hassle free, low commitment, and flexible contract agreement for purchasing a vehicle.  When leasing a vehicle, you do not own your vehicle, you simply pay for the use of a vehicle we own.  This can have many benefits over buying a vehicle or taking out a loan. For leasing, you get all the benefits and freedom of owning a vehicle, without the responsibilities of owning one, such as sales and property taxes, DMV visits and tag renewals, etc.  All owner responsibilities are taken care of by Quality Auto. At the end of your payment period, you will own the vehicle, and all owner rights and responsibilities will transfer to you.  From here, you can keep the car that you will now own, or you can sell it back and we can start fresh with a new vehicle and contract.

As a consumer, you can also get a certain flexibility with Lease to Own.  Both with your payment, as we can work with you to build a payment amount and timeline that works for you, as well as the vehicle itself.  Trade in cars frequently? Maybe like to get a new vehicle every couple years? With Lease to Own, you aren't tied to your vehicle like you would be if you own it. Maybe life happens and you can't afford your payments anymore.  No matter the situation, at any point during your lease to own contract, you can return your vehicle, and the remaining contract balance will be dropped and you can start fresh with a new contract, or simply free up the cash.  All with NO affect to your credit score, and no repossession in your credit history. 

Perks of Lease to Own:

  • Flexible payment plans that can fit your budget
  • Flexibility to end contract at any time
  • Can Qualify even with bad credit
  • No hassle with the State/DMV or having to worry about registration, licensing, or tag renewals
  • Comprehensive and Collision Automotive Insurance included**
  • Caught up on all maintenance and repairs at start of Contract
  • All the usual perks of getting service done at Quality Auto, such as complimentary loaner vehicles

What will my monthly payment include? 

  • Lease Payment for Vehicle
  • Sales and Property tax
  • Comprehensive and Collision Automotive Insurance**

What's Required to Lease to Own? A valid Driver's License, a valid MO address, at least one yearly appointment for an inspection and oil change throughout the payment period, and all service, repairs, inspections, and maintenance completed here at Quality Auto by appointment.

Check out our Vehicles for sale tab to see what's available to lease to own today!

**Comprehensive and Collision Insurance Only, the consumer is still responsible for Liability Insurance coverage.

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