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Oil Services - The Bread and Butter of Vehicle Maintenance

Everyone knows things need to be maintained to last, but what exactly does that mean for your vehicle? One maintenance service that everyone knows is an Oil Service! Also commonly called oil changes, oil services are extremely important for the life and longevity of your engine.  A simple yet effective service in keeping your vehicle running, but oftentimes not enough on its own.  These days, many vehicles also benefit from performing an oil cleaning and conditioning treatment alongside an oil service.  Here we're going to discuss the ins and outs of oil services, and the benefits of oil cleaning and conditioning treatments.

What does engine oil actually do? Oil's main job is to lubricate the internal moving components of an engine.  Engine components, such as pistons and valves, move at extremely high speeds with extremely small tolerances between.  This speed causes heat and friction inside your engine, which engine oil helps to decrease.  The symptoms of improper oil concerns, such as being low, degraded, or the incorrect kind, limits the lubrication inside the engine, thus limiting your engine performance.  Oil Concerns can cause internal engine damage and possibly even premature engine failure.  Thus, it's extremely important to maintain oil quality by getting regular oil services, maintaining levels in between servicing, and getting oil treatment services.

So what actually happens during an oil service? During routine oil services, the engine oil and engine oil filter are changed, and fresh oil replaces it.  It's important to follow proper protocol during oil changes, such as following service information, using the factory-specified fluid, and filling it to the factory specified level.  Oil services are needed regularly at specified intervals, due to fluid breakdown.  Say your oil service is good for 5,000 miles, that means that the oil used for your vehicle is good for 5,000 miles, and starts to break down, sludge up, and form deposits and even decrease your engine performance and fuel economy.  As you can see it's important to get your oil changed at its regular intervals, and by regularly servicing it you extend the life of internal engine components, therefore extending the life of a vehicle without costly repairs.  

These days, oil services on their own aren't enough.  Whether its lack of maintenance previously in its life or a problematic engine, oil concerns can still pop up even if you get your oil services done regularly at the proper intervals.  Even in today's busy world, it can be easy to go a couple hundred miles over. Oil concerns that can evolve include oil leaks, oil consumption, internal component failure, and ultimately total engine failure.  That's why it's important to get oil treatment services performed.  Here at Quality Auto Repair and Tire, we offer the BG Engine Restoration kit alongside our regular oil services! 

The BG Engine Restoration kit includes 3 components: EPR, an oil system cleaner, MOA, an oil system conditioner, and 44K, a fuel system cleaner.  When performing the BG kit, the EPR is added to the dirty engine oil.  This cleaner softens and dissolves deposits from internal engine components, cleans oil micro-passageways to maintain function of oil-fed components, and thins out oil sludge.  By doing this, you help increase engine performance, extend its life, and decrease oil concerns like oil consumption.  Once all the dirty oil and cleaner are drained from the engine system, and a new engine oil filter is installed, and clean fluid is added to the system.  In addition to the clean oil, the MOA is added.  The MOA acts as an oil conditioner, fortifying all qualities of oil, therefore maintaining engine performance., as well as preventing oil thickening under the most intense driving conditions.  This helps keep that oil good for longer, prolonging fluid degradation, which helps prevent gasket and component failure.  By maintaining oil quality, you can prevent oil concerns such as leaks, component failure, and ultimately engine failure. Part of the BG Engine restoration also involves 44K, a cleaner that gets added to the fuel system.  The 44K cleans and dehydrates everything it touches, thus maintaining fuel quality and allowing any water and contaminants to be burned off, as well as cleaning and maintaining critical fuel system components, like fuel injectors.

When is a BG Engine Restoration kit recommended? For vehicles with a good service history and good maintenance record, meaning no oil concerns and regular oil service intervals, once a year is recommended. For vehicles that are overdue for its oil service, or for vehicles with oil concerns, like oil leaks and oil consumption, it is recommended more frequently, and may be beneficial to perform with every oil service.

And for those of you who made it to the end, add the code "BG OIL" into your appointment notes, or mention it during drop off, and get $20 off your Oil Service and BG Engine Restoration Kit!

Ready for your oil service? Or want to know more about our BG Engine Restoration kit? Call or text us at 314-313-3226, or stop by! And click here to schedule an appointment online for an Oil Service with a BG Engine Performance kit!

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